TLC Group Members Fall 2021


Our goal is to build a community of a small group of psychology students, faculty, and advisors to foster a successful transition, provide an enhanced academic experience, and connect with career and research opportunities.


  • Take classes with learning community peers
  • Connect with a peer network for support and study groups
  • Complete critical coursework early on
  • Get involved with research and internship opportunities
  • Establish relationships with faculty and advisors

Please apply if:

  • You are a full-time transfer student majoring in Psychology
  • You can commit to a 1-year learning community pathway, with a specific schedule each semester.
  • You have passed PSY100 and PSY/MATH202 with a C or higher.
  • You are motivated to cultivate relationships with peers and actively participate in networking events. 

Sample Schedule:


  • PSY 300 Psychological Research and Statistical Methods and Lab I (4 units)
  • PSY 310 History & Systems of Psych. (3 units)
  • PSY 313 Clinical & Abnormal Psych. (3 units)
  • PSY 490 Navigating Careers in Psych. (3 units)


  • PSY 301 Psychological Research and Statistical Methods and Lab II (4 units)
  • PSY 317 Theories of Personality (3 units)
  • PSY 445 Adolescent Development (3 units)
  • PSY 492 Internship/Service Learning or PSY 494 Independent Study (3 units)

Important Dates:

  • Applications for the 2022/2023 TLC Cohort are closed. Applications for the next cohort may open in Summer, 2023.


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