Psychology is the Number 1 most enrolled program at California State University Channel Islands. The Program provides a curriculum that encompasses interactive didactic instruction and hands-on research experience. In addition, the Program offers students a chance to experience the intersection of Psychology with other disciplines through its interdisciplinary course offerings.

Students are highly encouraged to get involved in faculty-guided research as they advance through their studies. Students also have opportunities to integrate classroom knowledge through an experience of internship.

Many Psychology graduates have done well in finding jobs in numerous industries, whereas others have chosen to go on to respected graduate programs for masters, doctorates, or other professional degrees. The Psychology faculty at CI are committed to helping students gain admittance to graduate school and navigate their careers.(Read more)

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17th Annual Graduate and Professional School Fair

How do the Psychology Faculty speak out for racial justice? Please click here to read Psychology's statement of solidarity.

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May 2020 Psychology Graduates
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45th SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium 


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