1. What makes the Psychology Program at CSUCI unique?

The Psychology Program at CSUCI is unique in two aspects. The first is that students will have exposure to all major areas of psychology through a required sequence of core courses. Included in these courses is a year-long upper division course in quantitative reasoning. This core-course curriculum borrows ideas from the best undergraduate psychology programs, producing students with knowledge in all branches of psychology as well as methodological skills which can be widely applied within and outside of the discipline. The second unique aspect of the CSUCI Psychology Program is the interdisciplinary course offerings. These interdisciplinary courses offer students a chance to experience the intersection of psychology with other disciplines. This closely follows how psychology is understood and practiced in the world at large.

2. What psychology courses do I need to take to get a BA in Psychology from CSUCI?

In brief, you will need to take: (Please note that not all courses have to be taken at the exact times listed here - however, this schedule is typical).

  • Year 1: Intro to Psychology, a biologically-related psychology course or Intro to Biology, and an introductory Statistics course.
  • Year 2: Cognition & Learning, Developmental Psychology, and Theories of Personality.
  • Year 3: Psychological Research and Statistics I & II, History & Systems of Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology Electives and/or University-Wide GE or Elective Courses.
  • Year 4: Clinical & Abnormal Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychology Electives and/or University-Wide GE or Elective Courses. In addition, you will have to take General Education and Title V courses to fulfill university requirements (see catalog for details).

Psychology degree requirements may change so please refer to the
latest edition of the catalog or catalog supplement!

3. Can I transfer into the CSUCI Psychology Program from a community college? And if so, what courses from the community college apply towards the CSUCI Psychology Program?

Yes! We strongly encourage students who have finished their AA degree and/or have their GE certified to transfer into the CSUCI Psychology Program.

Courses that are the same or substantially similar to the required CSUCI Psychology Program Lower Division courses may be counted towards the degree program. These would include courses listed in Years 1 & 2 above (question 2). You may still transfer as a Psychology major even if you have not completed these courses at the community college. However, you will be required to complete these courses at CSUCI, which may lengthen the time until graduation.

4. Is the lower division preparation for the CSUN Psychology program the same as the preparation for the CSUCI Psychology Program? It looks like I have to take a lot more lower division courses - what gives!?

The CSUN Psychology program that was offered at the Channel Islands campus is very different than the new CSUCI Psychology Program and therefore the preparation is different.
The CSUCI Psychology Program requires students to take a number of major core courses at the lower and upper division levels. In the CSUN program almost all of the required courses are at the Upper Division level.

Students who enter the CSUCI Psychology Program are required to take the Lower Division psychology core courses if they have not had the same or similar courses elsewhere - even if they are Junior transfer students.

This is offset by the fact that up to 9 units of the CSUCI Psychology Lower Division course requirements and up to 6 units of the CSUCI Psychology Upper Division requirements may be double counted as General Education as well as for the psychology major. CSUN does not allow this. This means students should take roughly the same amount of time to complete either psychology program.

Of course the amount of time it takes to finish the Psychology Program at CSUCI will vary according to what courses each individual student has completed before transferring here. It may be the case that it will take a student longer to finish the Psychology degree at CSUCI than at CSUN.

We suggest that you make an appointment with the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor to review your options. Please be assured that regardless of whether you need to take some Lower Division psychology courses, you are welcome to join the CSUCI program.

5. Do I have to have been a Psychology major at a community college in order to transfer to CSUCI in Psychology?

No! We welcome students from all disciplines. However, you must realize that the more lower division courses you need in psychology, the longer it will take to complete the program.

6. I had a course in Social (or other) Psychology at the community college. When I transfer to the Psychology Program at CSUCI can I get credit in the major for this course?

No. We cannot count a lower division course towards upper division credit. Therefore, you will have to take the CSUCI course. However, you may be able to test out of the course - please see the undergraduate psychology advisor if you need to talk about this.

7. Can I be a part-time Psychology Major at CSUCI?

Yes. However, you should realize that not all courses are given every semester. Therefore, it would be best for you to meet with an advisor to plan out your courses so you will be able to finish in the shortest amount of time possible.

8. Are there jobs for graduates with a BA in Psychology?

Yes! Psychology majors typically do well in the job market. Approximately 90% of Psychology students find a job immediately after graduation. Within a year about 94% of Psychology graduates have found a job. Psychology graduates tend to go into a wide variety of fields including, business, human services, management, research, teaching, sales, etc.

9. What if I want to be a professional psychologist? Do I need to go to graduate school in psychology?

If you want to be a professional psychologist, you will need to go to graduate school. The CSUCI BA in Psychology will provide strong preparation for graduate programs in most areas of professional psychology. The CSUCI Psychology faculty have extensive experience with a number of different kinds of graduate psychology programs, as well as many psychology graduate schools. We are committed to helping students achieve admission to graduate programs.

10. What about other professions? Can I get into professional programs such as law, medicine, business, etc with a BA in Psychology.

Yes, provided you complete any specific undergraduate pre-requisites for the graduate programs. For instance, if you want to go into medicine you would need to take courses in calculus, chemistry and physics in addition to psychology courses. Psychology in general is excellent preparation for a wide variety of professions. The CSUCI Psychology curriculum will provide you with many important skills which will stand you in good stead in graduate professional programs.

For more information about the CSUCI BA degree in Psychology please contact:

Kimmy Kee-Rose, Ph.D.  
Professor of Psychology
Madera Hall Room 2617
Phone: 805-437-3276
Office Hours: Mon 12-1:30 pm; Tue 4-6 pm; Wed 8:45-9:45 am; Fri 12-1:30 pm

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