The following are frequently asked questions about how to enroll in classes.

  1. Why can't I see all the sections offered?
  2. How do I add myself to the wait list?
  3. Who do I contact for permission codes?
  4. Where do I input the permission codes?
  5. How many units should I sign up for? (Regarding PSY 492, 494 and 497)
  6. How do I change the units if I chose the wrong one?

How to view all sections offered:

The default view only lists the top three sections when searching for courses. If more than 3 sections are being offered, make sure to click on the View All Sections (see image below) to view all available sections. Ex: PSY 100, PSY 300, PSY 301 and PSY 314.

View All Sections when Adding Classes

How to add to course wait list:

Please make sure to check the wait list box if you want to add a course that is closed. Checking this box will allow you to wait list.

How to add to the waitlist

Who to contact for permission codes:

There are many different reasons for requesting permission codes. 

  • Prerequisites: If you need a code because prerequisites have not been met, please contact the faculty teaching the course. You can find their email address in the faculty page. Some courses allow instructor consent and you may be allowed to bypass the course prerequisites. Once you've acquired the approval, you will be referred to the faculty support coordinator for the permission code.
  • Transfer students: If you are a transfer student and all your classes have not completely migrated to our system please contact the faculty support coordinator. You will need proof (transcript) showing you already met the prerequisite courses from another institution.
  • Instructor Consent: If a class requires instructor consent you will need to contact the faculty directly. Please follow steps indicated in A. The courses are usually PSY 490, 492, 494 and 497.

Where to enter permission codes:

Once you've acquired the permission code, you can enter the 3-6 digits code in the box circled red below. You can only use the code once. If you get an error stating that it is an invalid code, please contact the faculty support coordinator via email or phone.

How to enter permission codes

How to add unit based classes:

Unit based courses are PSY 492 (Internship and Service Learning), PSY 494 (Independent Study) and PSY 497 (Directed Study). You will first need to contact the faculty teaching the course for consent to add the class. Make sure that you have discussed with the faculty how many units you intend to add. The number of units depends on the amount of work in the course. You will need to choose between 1-3 units.

Choosing number of units

How to edit the number of units:

This only works for units based courses such as PSY 492, PSY 494 and PSY 497. If you accidentally added the wrong units you can easily edit the course using Edit Class Enrollment. You do not need another set of permission codes. Click on the edit tab and choose the course you want to edit. This can only be done the first three weeks of the semester.

Edit Enrollment Units Step 1

In the Step 2, make sure to change the number of units to the correct units. Click Next to finish.

Edit Enrollment Units Step 2
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