Professor of Psychology
Madera Hall, Room 2411
Phone: 805-437-8992
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 12:15-1:15pm

Current Course Schedule 

3450PSY31401Behavioral NeuroscienceMW6:00PM-7:15PMNOR1550
3451PSY3141LBehavioral NeuroscienceT4:00PM-5:50PMBEL1716
3452PSY3142LBehavioral NeuroscienceT6:00PM-7:50PMBEL1716
3475PSY31802Learning, Cognition, Perception MW12:00PM-1:50PM  NOR1535
3553PSY49702Directed Study in Psychology   

PSY 314 Book Order 
Author:  Garrett
Title:  Brain & Behavior: Introduction to Biological Psy
Publisher: Sage
Edition:  3rd
ISBN:  9781412981682

PSY 318 Book Order
Author:  Domjan
Title:  The Essentials of Learning and Conditioning
Publisher: Cengage
Edition:  3rd
ISBN:  9780534574345

Author: Wolfe 
Title:  Sensation & Perception
Publisher: Sinauer Associates
Edition: 3rd
ISBN: 9780878935727

Author: Revlin 
Title: Cognition: Theory and Practice 
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Edition: 1st 
ISBN: 9780716756675 


Please Note: Information is subject to change. Please refer to myCI for the most updated schedule information.

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